A Journey of an IT Teacher to an Inspiring Teacher

Helping Teachers Achieve Professional Growth, Work-Life Balance and Earn Extra Income





                     Our Vision

To establish a community of teacher entrepreneurs get rid of stress from their teaching work and Achieve Work-Life Balance.


                     Our Mission

To help Academic Teachers  start taking full control over their worry and stress by helping them through guided proven steps, exercises, techniques, and tools.

To empower Teachers and colleagues to start their teacher entrepreneurship journey and help them become successful.


                      The Founder

My life as a teacher is a testimony of God’s gift.


Hi! I’m Maryli Rosas. I am a proud wife and a mommy of two kids.
I am Computer Scientist by profession.
A Doctor of Information Technology.
A University Teacher for 22 Years teaching Bachelors and Masters degree students.
Once a department head.
A Researcher.
A blogger.
An Online Teacher Entrepreneur.
An author of books, ebooks and international journals.
A Certified Microsoft Professional and IBM Certified.  A Mobile and web developer. 


Before I was like you who had a ZERO PRACTICAL knowledge on how online business website REALLY works and how digital marketing works.


I help Teacher entrepreneurs to have a work life Balance,  Stress Free Teaching Life and help them start their journey as they build their business empire.

As part of giving back all the blessings, I embrace the mission of helping Filipino online teacher entrepreneurs to conquer the digital world of business.

From there TEACHERS ACADEMY ONLINE was born.

Based on my personal experiences, allow me to share and HELP you how I managed all types of stress..

(STRESS due to tons of work, STRESS due to superiors/heads, STRESS due to graduate studies, STRESS caused by friends, family, colleagues, and other relationships, STRESS due to financial difficulties and a lot more)

and eventually achieve a balance work and life…

I will also share to you how I managed my finances and even earn more!

You can also get this take-away on how I even traveled many countries being a teacher, and perks of Teachers. 



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