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NEVER… I hate teaching…

Teaching is not only a passion

I am a university professor from the Philippines handling major and minor computer science and information technology subjects for 21 years!!!

I loved to teach minds, touch hearts and transform lives. although honestly speaking, way back when I’m still a kid, I really never dream of becoming a teacher. NEVER… I hate teaching.. I hate to talk.. I hate to be in front of people.. I hate to share my thoughts, my knowledge, my insights.. everything… that’s because I’m a shy type of person. I got so nervous that I simply nod or move my head as a response to the questions. but, nothing is permanent in this world. EVERYTHING CHANGE and ONLY CHANGE IS PERMANENT, right?

So, here I am a mentor, a teacher, a professor.
I’ve been teaching for 21 academic years, college students, university students. Gosh.. never in my entire life as in.

I’ve seen my self standing in front of those students younger than me or within my age bracket and even older and experienced than me. Teaching them subjects that would help them mold their future career
huh!? very tough job.

At first, I applied for the job simply to satisfy my mom.”napakulit kse..hehehe.. stepping stone ko daw poh..” my mom used to tell me that I should grabbed that teaching job opportunity, you know why? When I graduated from B.S. Computer Science last March 1997, I was never serious in applying a job. That’s because I want to simply give myself a break. hehehe. Apparently, one day, I received a telegram.. opo.. telegram pa po nuon. hehehe..

It says there, I have a teaching job opportunity in Makati. All I have to do is to make a call to schedule my teaching demo. There’s my mom who usually ask me if I already made a call. So, out of respect to my mom’s desire. I called and arranged a schedule for a teaching demo. But I didn’t go to the scheduled date. My mom was so angry. So, I made another call. Arranged a new schedule and on the day of my schedule. That was May 1997. I forgot the exact day. hehehe..
BOOM… I prepared acetates for my presentation, (again, YES.. ACETATES pa po noon ang advance technology of presentation), which during that time was a good teaching aid. hehehe.

Presto! Teaching demo was done and on that same day, unexpectedly I’m also been asked to take the exam!!! and interview afterwards. ALL AT THE SAME DAY! And would you believe? even me, couldn’t believe that from that day, I’m in to teaching. I have mixed emotions and lot of questions and fears.

HOW could I handle these students who are LITERALLY BIGGER than me. Just imagine this. I’m so thin that my waistline is only 21. I’m short, petite, and  I’m only 4 feet and 11 inches. My face looks like a 10 year old girl. Have you imagine? But I taught to myself, this is temporary. A semester will do, a semester has past, a year will do, a year past, another year will do, another year past and another year.. and… another..and another.. and..blah..blah..blah..

I got married! I gave birth to our first child that changed my life, my environment I need to move on. My first teaching job is so far from our home, so I look for other job and another blessing was given.

I got hired to one of the top 3 schools in the Philippines. I am still into teaching.. huh.. I hate teaching.. hehehe.. but as the sayings goes:

“the more you hate.. the more you love”

and when I attended one of the institutional module. The speaker told us, “if we are into teaching for more than 5 years, it’s not a profession anymore.. it’s a vocation.”

Now, 21 years have past.

I know and accepted that it is my vocation..
to teach minds, touch hearts and transform lives.. =)

last lecture day with my BCS43 Operating Systems
taken during final exam in my subject: Operating System
One of my thesis advisee group.. i hope i could have pictures with my 4 other thesis advisees batch 2009..
Having a pose with my Database System Class
With my Systems Analysis and Design Students
mga studs ko since first year sila in data structures, database systems and this last class, Operating SYstems
Seminar organized by my LCS- JPCS
I can’t remember their section.. they are from my data structures and or discrete math class? I can’t recall..hahaha.. sorry poh..
Last day.. Operating Systems class.. actually since first year sila naging studs ko po sila..hehehe
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